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Cloud Can:

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  • Enable faster time to market
  • Improve availability and scalability
  • Improve disaster recovery and data backup
  • Cost effective Growth and expansion
Whatever type of business you are, the decision to move a part or all of your business to the cloud is challenging. To complicate matters, there is always the question of which type of cloud you need to use: public, private or hybrid. So how does anyone make this decision?

Let the Experts at NTwebs Guide You Through the Decision Process.

They will implement a cloud solution that is custom designed to best serve your business.

Cloud Security
Here are a few things to consider when balancing out the needs of your business while looking at the various pros and cons for each of the three types of cloud hosting solutions.

As of 2012, Gartner is predicting that 30% of all enterprises will have moved at least a part of their business to the cloud. The capability to scale on demand to any capacity and to perform that Virtualization gives cloud virtual servers the ability for replication. It also allows them to launch quickly and easily, allowing greater flexibility for IT management. With the growing popularity of viral campaigns, video and social networking, the cloud has become a vital part of any organization. Digital marketing

Cloud Security Concerns
There have been countless reports of how the major reason many companies have not yet made the move to the cloud is because of the concern for security. It has probably not helped much that the media continues to report security breaches by high profile brands bringing negative publicity to the cloud community.

The main difference between an in-house server and a cloud server is that the cloud server is run across the internet. This does pose some vulnerability, but not one that cannot be guarded against in a similar manner as with an in-house server. Private clouds are the most secure as they can be fully protected and cloud clients can be assured that tPublic clouds, because of the nature of multi-tenancy servers, do pose a slightly higher security risk. However, a discussion with your host provider can clarify the security measures taken and which cloud server infrastructure is right for your business.